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About us

Defender is an international manufacturing company. We manufacture items that surrounds you at home and work: all consumer electronics, peripherals, gaming products, and accessories that you use every day. Many times a day.
Defender's main offices and logistics centers are located in Estonia and China. While developing our representative offices' network in European countries, we can work with distributors in 20 European Union and the CIS countries. The service centers of Defender operate in many cities of Europe and Asia.

Scope of our activity

We design, manufacture, and deliver computer peripherals and mobile accessories worldwide. Over the years, we have been doing our work with love and care for tens of millions of users.

Customer Service

Defender helps to develop your business. Our work with you starts with a new product idea and continues into marketing support in sales and after-sales service. Defender's customers appreciate good logistics, high-quality information and marketing support, an individual approach, and careful transaction support. To be our partner means feel comfortable and receive profit.

Our products

Defender constantly updates its product range: about 1,000 items in more than 40 product categories. We maintain a high level of quality and safety, certifying products according to European standards. Even so, our products are not expensive – we consider it particularly important that the price is as affordable as possible.
Our products meet the requirements of a wide range of consumers: those who appreciate innovation and adhere to classics, gamers, and office workers, children, their parents, stay-at-homes, athletes, travelers, motorists... Everyone!

Our people

People are the primary resource of our company. We are proud of our talented and professional employees whose daily work contributes to our collective success. We are united by both the desire to be the industry and the market leaders and the ability to be truly useful.

Our partners

Our site can be localized for any country and any language, just like any Defender product's package. Many partners have been developing with us for two decades, and such a long cooperation is both a symbol of reliability and a big reward for the company.

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