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December 29 2014
Snowfall gifts from Defender!
Dear friends! Happy New Year! At the time of the long holiday vacation declare a special New Year's contest Self - and donate as much as 5 sets of wireless speakers Defender HiT S2 C support Bluetooth! Conditions of participation in our groups in social networks VKontakte and .
December 22 2014
Gifts under the apple tree
Specialized resource, devoted to the production of Apple, publishes a list of the best gifts for the new year, among them - a good thing: mediatranslyator Defender Smart Transmitter X2 .
December 19 2014
Smart in the mountain will not go, and go to the "Intelliadu"
This weekend at the site of the Congress Centre "Technopolis Moscow", a festival of intellectual games "Intelliada 2014" winners will receive a gift gadgets Defender.


Keyboards Defender features a wide range of design and functional solutions. You can buy a keyboard, completely meet their idea of comfort, choose a graceful slim keyboard with short and mild way like a laptop keyboard and a classic keyboard with a familiar design.

The range has a variety of multibutton office and multimedia keyboard. In multibutton additional keyboards shortcuts grouped into functional blocks, which excludes the possibility of accidental operation.

Special demand wireless sets (keyboard + mouse)Is the ideal remote control while listening to music, watching movies, making presentations. They can be used as a substitute for a laptop keyboard. How WiredAnd wireless keyboards are models of a variety of colors and shapes.

The range of Defender represented a variety of models: from classical Wired Mouse to multifunctional wireless optical and laser mice.

Defender produces a computer mouse as a right hand, taking into account the natural curvature of the wrist, and symmetrical form for users with any active hand.

Wireless MiceWorking at a distance of 10 meters from the computer, are an excellent choice for a laptop, comfortable viewing and multimedia presentations.

Power device Defender made on high-tech enterprises, the quality system which is certified to ISO 9001.

Surge and household voltage Defender reliable and have excellent technical characteristics. Most models of network filters are equipped with protective shutters of children, many - have sockets for easy connection adapters large. Surge Suppressors 800-series made especially for computer users. Power management features Master / Slave, can enable / disable the periphery along with on / off the PC. Model NRG PRO combines a classic surge protector with protection from high voltages.

Voltage stabilizers Defender designed to protect electronic equipment from the dynamic distortion of voltage and pulse interference in the network. Due to technical solutions of their own consumption does not exceed 7 Tues The high resource work achieved by using a multicomponent system, protecting the internal systems of the stabilizer.

Voltage stabilizers can not shut down for a long time and keep them included in the equipment in standby mode. You can buy a voltage of any power, depending on the devices, which it expects to connect.

Defender offers a wide selection of speakers, which combine the latest trends in design and sound. You can choose a regular column for the computer, and a sound speaker system for home theater.

2.0 Acoustics represented as a compact desktop systems, designed for everyday sound workplace, and large columns with a powerful and rich bass, true multimedia monster.

2.1 Acoustics (Satellites and subwoofer) is designed for listening to music, sound effects, games and movies in smaller rooms.

Acoustics 5.1 Home Theatre suitable for larger room. All speakers are magnetic shielding speakers and a full-featured remote control.

Also produces Defender sets of passive acoustics for home theater. With affordable speakers capable of reproducing a powerful and high quality zvuk.Oni perfectly match with the majority of low-cost AV-receivers.

Professional cleaners Defender manufactured in Germany and meet all the requirements of the European Union's environmental and safety. They are completely removes all impurities, leaving no divorces, and have antistatic properties. Their excellent reputation is confirmed by successful examination results in the Research Center of household chemicals. For daily care of the computer and technology home and office Defender offers universal cleaners for surfaces and cleaning screens. The range cleaning products for laptops, photographic equipment, and mobile devicesThey all have a compact size and easy to take with you.

Specialty Cleaners care are used for cleaning and processing of certain types of equipment and parts, also applies to them a universal complex Defender Nano based on nanotechnology for long-term protection of surfaces from contamination.
Game Controllers Defender features intuitive controls, a full set of function keys and high reliability at affordable price. Quality components provide solid performance rudders and gamepads even in the most extreme gaming situations.

Ruley and most gamepads have special rubberized surface that does not allow hands to slide during the game. Management can be customized at will. All control surfaces are comfortable and secure fastening to the table, excellent fixing case. The maximum realistic racing is achieved by the effect of vibration on the steering wheel. For the youngest drivers are mini-wheels - miniature copies of models for adults.

Прикольные подарки и сувениры Доставка по Москве и России.

Defender headphones and microphones have excellent technical qualities and stylish appearance; they are also inexpensive, convenient and easy to use.

Defender also provides reliable webcams for home use.

Nice and stylish accessories are always useful at home, in the office or when traveling.

Practical and reliable holders for mobile devices allow to organize your work and make the use of the device more convenient and easy.

Various bags for laptops and cases for mobile devices ensure maximum protection.

Defender provides a wide variety of mouse pads: ergonomic and ultraslim mouse pads with different surfaces and beautiful prints.

Defender offers a wide range of electronic devices and cable products for home and office.

Splitters USB 2.0 (USB hubs) You can connect to your PC peripherals standard USB 2.0 and USB 1.1. Hubs are of different size and number of additional ports. With USB-Adapters You can connect the periphery of the various interfaces to the PC Input USB. Miniature cardreaders (Readers of memory card) supports most of the formats of memory cards. Switches and hubs Defender offer various solutions for managing PC, depending on the complexity of tasks.

Cables Defender characterized by high protection from interference, low attenuation, the stability of the wave resistance, high strength. If you want to use all the features of your video card - choose Cables PROFESSIONAL (Defender PRO). These cables provide maximum protection from interference and a visible improvement in picture quality compared with standard cables. They are recommended for use in various fields, such as presentations, business applications, while working with industrial computers, and just if you want to get high quality images.

Section audio and video cables represented as different models of audio, video and AV cable separately, and kits for connecting home theater and digital devices. USB cables designed for computer use various peripheral devices, as well as for data transfer from computer to computer.

Defender also offers a variety of Power Cables and computer cables (Cables FireWire, etc.)
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